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NICKNAME (S): K as in "Klutch"

AGE: 18

HEIGHT: 6'0"


EXPERIENCE: 8 years (maybe more)

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: 1999-2000 Strikes League Champion (DLC)

Kyle is the Zen Master of the game of bowling. No matter what the circumstances, his approach is always the same. He is always relaxed, calm, sensible. He's like the designated driver for this team, which often acts like a bunch of drunks on a Saturday night. He is the Master of Meditation, his calming influences balance out the often uncontrolled spark of Jordan Taber, the sometimes cocky flash of Jeremy Jones, and the loose cannon of Jonathan Market.

                   (RIGHT-- Kyle (bowling) as Jordan looks on)

Kyle is a master at work on the bowling alley. His straight-on approach is very similar to Jordan's, but he doesn't have the same kind of smooth hook skills and lock-in skills of Jordan. What's most lacking in his game is spare-shooting ability. However, what he lacks in finnesse he makes up for in poise, demeanor, and, well, just absolute "klutchness." Kyle received this nickname for the countless clutch shots he made down the strecth for the 1999-2000 championship team. He would knockdown strike after strike after strike, and mix in a couple of clutch spares, when it came down to the stretch run in the 8th, 9th, and 10th frames. He was the man that sealed the deal, the man that carried the weight on his shoulders, which always seem to be incredibly stiff. But that's just his game. He makes you think he's nervous as hell and then he delivers the most beautiful clutch shot you've ever seen, cleaning house, clearing rack, and coming back with the same expression on his face, usually nothing more than a slight smirk, as he would during any other circumstance. Quite simply put, this team would be nothing without him.

As Kyle has developed his game over the years, he has become one of the game's true power players, although you wouldn't think of him that way just by looking at him and his release. To celebrate every time this strike machine cleans rack, 'da boys put up little paper K's on the sidewall. This originates from baseball and K representing "strikeout," and since K is the first letter in Kyle's name, and he is the master of strikes, it is the perfect fit.

Kyle's average continues to go on the rise, and as he is continuing to improve his spare shooting by the day to compliment his incredible knack for the strike, we may very well see big things out of him in the future. Who knows, if he works hard enough, the guy could find himself qualifying for PBA tournaments!

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