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Jordan Taber (DLC: 1998-2000, 2001-2003 Ret.)

Jonathan Market (DLC: 1998-2002 Ret.)

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NICKNAME (S): Captain Market

Height: 5'9"

Weight: Do we really want to go there?

Experience: 6th season (Retired 2002 In the Fall after bowling 20 games with DLC. Will be missed, but the best of luck to him.)

Accomplishments: 1999-2000 Strikes League Champion (DLC), 2000 Strikes League Championship MVP

INTERESTING FACT OF NOTE: Market missed 7 consecutive weeks in 2001, but just as the league official was about to push the "delete" button to remove Market from league bowling, the big man returned from his hiatus period to a large reception from the crowd. His reasons for absensce are said to be "personal matters," but the remain a mystery to all involved. However, Market had demonstrated newfound committment to the DLC team since his return and we thought we would be able to look forward to having him around for a long time to come.

Jonathan Market first came into the league known as "the 4th man" with the Vipers in 1997-1998. Market came a long way since the first time he stepped onto the approach when he didn't know which foot went where. Market won the year's Most Improved Bowler Award and has since, in the five years that followed, improved his average at least a good 70 points. Everyone knew he had major upside. He was a big, strong guy with excellent quickness and agility for a big man, a football player type oozing with power. However, in the last three or four years, Market has finally learned to approach the lane differently, cut down on his number of both physical and mental errors, and become a more complete bowler and added some real finnesse to his game. The kid is a natural, but he never achieved his full potential, and that is what became so frustrating. When he smoothed his release and started putting a nice, smooth roll on it, he became an EXCELLENT bowler who would average in the 145+ range for a string of games.

In 1998, Market joined DLC and took the second position to ace bowler Jordan Taber. He often followed up the man by using him as a punching bag. Luckily, Jordan has huge biceps and is absolutely ripped. There have been many rumors that Jordan is on steroids, but there is no steroid testing in the game of bowling, and Jordan persists that his large muscular physique is a result of strenuous exercize, a strict diet regimen, and legal nutritional suppliments.

Before games start, Market could often be found at the snack bar. This is obviously how he gets his large stature. Market is a guy who never seems to run out of energy, and he only gets smoother as the games progress.

In the 1999-2000 championship season, Jonathan Market had a so-so year, averaged around 120, but the unthinkable then happened. Market became a clutch performer in both the roll-off, and in particular, the championship series. Market's 160+ games in the final two games of the series, 40 pins over average, were the driving force in DLC winning the Strikes League championship and cementing their place in Strike 'n Spare league history.

Jonathan Market had to battle a long list of weekend activities which affected his participation. Market missed another long string of weeks, and DLC had no choice but to drop him. Market stated in his final notice,

"I don't know if I can be there. I've got to work on weekends. Sorry, wish I could help, but I think it's time I retire from the game of bowling."

Jonthan Market will never be forgotten by his former DLC teammates, their fans, the bowling alley, or YABA. He will be missed, but perhaps not for long. There has been some talk of Market moving into a front office position with DLC, something they have not had (front office) since their creation. With Taber's expected departure to college, Jones and Runge will hold down the fort while J.T collaborates with the formers on top prospects to recruit to keep the team's dominance and legacy alive. Market might just be the man to do some summer recruiting and help DLC stay on top.

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