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Jordan Taber (DLC: 1998-2000, 2001-2003 Ret.)

Jonathan Market (DLC: 1998-2002 Ret.)

Kyle Runge

Jeremy Jones

Devin Ball

Sam Lacey


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At the moment, we have no photo of Sam Lacey or factual information. Lacey's shot is basically Jeremy Jones on crack. He has an explosive hook ball, but it's like he took Jones' shot, took out the crisp sweetness of it and replaced it with ungodly revolutions and snap to it. While Jones' ball grips the lane and is one of the most beautiful, elegant shots and an absolute masterpiece to watch when he's on, Lacey is a pumped up kid with a shot that rips up the lane and leaves the pins in the dust. When he gets it rolling, you do NOT want to stand in his way. He bowls like his ball is angry. Lacey has made an incredible debut with DLC this season and will look to emerge as the very best bowler in the game in future years, as he has already proven to be a unanimous top 10 selection this year. Says Jeremy Jones,

"He has it all...the sky is the limit for him.


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