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NICKNAME (S): Sweetest shot in the game, The Franchise

Age: 17




Accomplishments: 1999-2000 Strikes League Champion (DLC)

Jeremy is widely regarded as the cornerstone of the DLC franchise. He is the most talented bowler on the team...maybe in the entire league. His textbook 3/4 delivery is a thing of absolute beauty, something he developed once he visited a pro shop and changed balls and became more knowledgeable on the game's equipment. It's a spin most people can only put on billiard balls, but J Squared does it effortlessly with a 16-LB bowling ball. Nobody throws a more beautiful hook shot than Jeremy, no one. Little kids often go up to Jeremy asking for his autograph because of his sensational roll and ungodly charisma. Jeremy has hands down the best combination of finesse and power in the game. Bar none. That's right, Kevin Boxdorfer! Jones has the finesse to play the heavy oil lanes to better perfection than 99% of the guys on the PBA tour today, and the power to go out there and knock the fuck out of pins on the dry lanes. Once Jones gets on a roll, nothing and no one stand in his path. When his sweetest shot is on, and it hits the pocket perfectly, which it usually does, the pins are going down, instantly. He doesn't have the ball speed of many, but with the incredible amount of roll action and sweetness on every shot, he is the most powerful bowler in the game today. Nobody's ball has more drive through the pocket and automatic knockdown than Jeremy Jones'. The tap does not exist in his game.

Jeremy has two sisters whom are often referred to as "the prodigies." And why not, as who better to learn from the master of the sweetest shot in the game himself, Jeremy Jones?

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