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Q: What does "DLC" stand for and who came up with the name?

A: DLC stands for "dazed, lost, and confused" and it was Jeremy's idea, we THINK. Incredibly, it fits almost PERFECTLY because that describes this team very well. Jordan, for instance, says his entire life he is "DLC." I guess you can say they are all DLC4Life, but some would be DLC whether or not they were ever on this team. Not everyone is the sharpeset, most energetic, and quickest in the world. These guys fit that bill perfectly.

Q: Who is the team captain now that Market has retired?

A: It's simply Kyle Runge. Actually, it was always Runge. He's the one with the beautiful signature and the first-class pocket calculator to add up the score sheets. We named Market captain one year just kind of as a joke, and "Captain Market" sounded cool. But since the official captain was never here, Runge assumed the acting duties.

Q: How did this bowling team form anyway?

A: None of us really new each other that well but Wayne Roosenthal, who was commissioner of the Strikes league, threw us together when none of us gave a preference as to what team we wanted to be on. Jeremy and Jordan were both in the Fall league for the full year the year before, and Jonathan Market had also bowled in Fall league during the Spring time towards the end with the Vipers. Kyle was an acquisition from the summer leagues. Somehow, Market's obnoxious mouth and Runge's enigmatic demeanor brought this team out of its shell. Runge might look, act, and even talk quietly, but he's pretty damn outgoing in reality.

Q: What happens to the team when all of you guys graduate and go off to college?

A: There will likely be at least one of us to stick around and hold down the fort. Probably Kyle, but don't rule out Jeremy either. Jordan has all but made a committment to Kansas, washing out any hopes of him returning to DLC for a few more seasons because he'll be a couple hundred miles away. Runge, on the other hand, seems to be leaning towards a college that is closer in proximity so he can live at home, or something, and the same MIGHT be true of Jones, but don't quote us on that. If so, the league allowed bowlers to compete in the Winners league until the age of 21. Even if you are GOING to turn 21 the year you are bowling, as long as you are 20 on registration day, 'sall good. Matt Reid is currently 21 and this will be his last year in any sort of YABA bowling. That's pretty much standard regulation. It's a National thing. But don't you worry, even when they are ALL past the age of 21 and have used up eligibility, DLC will likely reform sometime in five or six years that follow to bowl in adult leagues at Strike 'N Spare. There are plenty of them out there, and the Big Three-J.T, K.R., and Double J-have contact with each other through this website and via e-mail.

Q: How do I contact my favorite DLC superstars?

A: Well, Jordan Taber's e-mail is, Kyle Runge's is And we now have Jeremy's, which is

Q: Who would you guys consider your biggest rivals?

A: The Huevos Grandes, of course. We hate them, they hate us. They actually loathe other teams more, but the biggest RIVALS are the Huevos Grandes because they are their main competitors for the throne every year. It's as simple as that. These teams have a great amount of respect for each other and LOVE to go at it. However, there isn't any disrespect or hatred towards the individuals. They don't like each other, but they respect each other, and that's what makes for such great matchups. You can usually feel the heat when DLC and the Huevos Grandes take center stage on the alley.

Q: What are some of the celebrations that you guys do called, anyway?

A: They don't have a name for everything, but a lot of fives will be seen, even after bad shots. That's something Taber brought with him to pretty much every team he's ever been on in his career. It's called charisma, folks. They put up a K on the wall for each of Kyle's strikes as a tribute to the strike OUT system in baseball. Jordan flexes after some shots, usually strikes, to show his huge MUSCLES. They also have done the Dirty Bird, coined after Jamal Anderson, and, our personal favorite, Jeremy's too, was Jordan's "suck it" sign to Bryan Weintrop, Jess Grossberg, Bryan Kanofski, and Josh Pearl, or "The Dorky Pricks of Bowling."

Thanks for stopping by, and any additional questions will most certainly be appreciated and addressed if you post them on the DLC message board. Again, thank you, for it's fans like you that make DLC such a pleasure to be a part of.

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